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Why Choose


If you are facing the following problems:

01. Team building issues

02. Business performance issues

Bridgz Training academy

Partnering with leading IT universities.

IT needs

We carefully assess your IT needs.


We match functional and soft requirements

with IT professionals.

Low Cost

Available in the market through an extensive search

At a competitive price

Quick Setup

Within a short set-up time (first interviews in 2 weeks).

Professional Support

We take care of all the supporting services

(HR, infrastructure, IT facilities)

Finding the right talents

- Extreme low availability

- Finding qualified talents is   a challenge

Hard to scale team

- 1 Hiring per month in          average


-- Due to high salaries

Higher Costs

- Due to expensive consultants

Delay in delivery

- You can’t build your team fast

Unhappy customers

- As internal problems are of      no interest to them

Unhappy team

- Due to demotivation

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